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The Re-Invent You Elevated Experience

(Virtual or In-person)

This service would be great for you if you struggle with aligning your wardrobe with your evolving identity. Over six weeks, we'll redefine and reinvent your personal style to match the person you've become or aspire to be, ensuring your wardrobe truly reflects your unique style and journey.

  1. Total Style Overhaul: Ideal for anyone undergoing major life changes or looking to significantly alter their appearance. This package offers an extensive journey into discovering and embodying your unique style.
  2. Ongoing Support: Perfect if you value continuous, direct access to expert styling advice via text or email, helping you navigate your style transformation with confidence.
  3. Wardrobe Transformation: Designed for those seeking to declutter and rejuvenate their closet. Includes a comprehensive closet edit and cleanse for a fresh start.
  4. Customized Shopping Experience: This service would be great for you if you struggle with shopping efficiently or effectively. The package includes a personalized shopping experience tailored to your body type, preferences, and goals, ensuring you spend wisely on items that enhance your wardrobe and self-expression.
  5. Virtual Convenience: Offers virtual styling sessions for busy individuals or those preferring digital services, making expert styling accessible from anywhere.

This streamlined package is crafted for dynamic individuals or brands ready to embark on a significant style evolution with expert guidance and bespoke services.

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All-Inclusive Elevated Branding Experience

Are you ready to elevate your brand to new heights and captivate your audience with imagery that speaks volumes? Look no further than our exclusive package designed specifically for ambitious entrepreneurs like you.

Personalized Styling Services:

  • Step into the spotlight with confidence as our stylist works one-on-one with you to curate looks that not only reflect your brand but also embody your unique personality and vision. From head-turning ensembles to subtle details, we'll ensure every outfit tells your brand story authentically. This consists of a FOUR week period where we work closely to discover your brands identity with 3 different looks. Before the day of the shoot, we will have a virtual try on.

Seamless Logistics Management:

  • Leave the logistics to us! We'll take care of scheduling the photoshoot and scouting the perfect locations that complement your brand aesthetic, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that every aspect of your shoot will be flawlessly executed.

Professional Makeup Artistry:

  • Prepare to shine with confidence as we arrange a professional makeup appointment tailored to enhance your natural beauty and radiance. Our trusted makeup artist will highlight your best features, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best on camera.

Expert Pose Direction:

  • Strike a pose with confidence under the guidance of our experienced creative director. From subtle nuances to powerful expressions, we'll show you how to convey your brand message with authenticity and impact, ensuring every shot captures your best angles and conveys your unique personality.

On-Set Styling Support:

  • We understand the importance of presentation, which is why we'll be by your side on the day of the photoshoot, providing hands-on styling assistance to ensure every detail is perfect. From adjusting garments to refining accessories, we'll ensure you look your absolute best in front of the camera.

Elevated Closet Cleanse

(virtual or in-person)

Consultation. Closet Edit. Cleanse & Release. Organize. Style

  1. Struggling with defining your style? Our consultation helps you navigate fashion trends to discover a style that truly represents you.
  2. Overwhelmed by a cluttered closet? We guide you through purging outdated or unworn items, making space for new possibilities.
  3. Can't organize your wardrobe? Our service transforms your closet into an efficient, easily accessible space.
  4. Stuck wearing the same outfits? We'll show you how to create fresh looks with your existing wardrobe, giving your clothes new life.
  5. Unsure what your wardrobe is missing? We identify gaps and help you make strategic choices for future additions, ensuring every purchase counts.

Elevated Shopping Experience

(Virtual or In-Person)

This service would be great for you if you struggle with understanding what styles suit you best. Our one-on-one shopping experience delves into your style preferences and body type, ensuring every selected piece enhances your appearance and confidence.

  1. Struggling with finding flattering clothes? During our consultation, we will discuss style preferences, budget, body type,etc.
  2. Worried about overspending? We tailor the experience to your budget, ensuring you get style and value without financial stress.
  3. Confused by fashion trends? We guide you through making choices that suit your style and goals, whether in person or online.
  4. Short on shopping time? Our efficient approach saves you hours, picking out pieces for you to simply try on or view online.
  5. Need a wardrobe refresh for a new life phase? We specialize in updating your style to suit any new beginnings, ensuring you step out with confidence.

15 min Consultation

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